RPOWER POS - RPOWER POS | LevelUp Integration


RPOWER POS and LevelUp Loyalty integration: a multifacted solution that drives sales

Tie together gift, loyalty, and online ordering through the RPOWER-LevelUp integration to increase brand recognition and skyrocket sales. 

Connecting with a customer engagement platform gives your restaurant multiple ways to increase sales. By integrating with LevelUp, you will be providing your customers with a new way to pay, shop, and order online.

Omni-Channel Guest Interaction

Order Ahead 

The days of walking into a restaurant, putting in an order and awkwardly waiting at reception are over. With the LevelUp-RPOWER POS integration, guests can order ahead and receive an ETA so they won’t have to wait around. 

Online Ordering System

Give your customers another convenient way to place an order whether they are picking up or taking out. Online ordering helps with order accuracy, expanding your reach, and providing a new source of revenue. 

Mobile Payment 

Give your customers the convenience of never being without their card. In the LevelUp app, customers are able to add their preferred payment, preload funds, and pay in real time. Allowing customers to pay ahead will help speed of service. 

Gift & Loyalty 

Keep new customers coming in while rewarding your loyal patrons. Gift and loyalty programs are the key to building brand awareness, increasing sales, and driving customers to your business rather than the competition. 

Customer Engagement Platform

The best way to bring customers back is by knowing what they like, and LevelUp has a solution for just that. On their customer engagement platform, you can not only create and send marketing campaigns, but also optimize their performance. 

Campaign Creator 

Within the LevelUp Loyalty integration, it’s easy to create tailor-made campaigns to fit your audience and their needs. Choose between BOGO, dollar amounts, item-based campaigns, and more. 

Mobile SDK Integration 

  • Urban Airship 

  • Braze

  • Pilgrim by Foursquare 

  • Appboy 

  • Mogean 

  • Popdeem 

RPOWER-LevelUp Network Integrations 

  • Chase Pay 

  • Google 

  • Facebook 

  • Apple 

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