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While RPOWER integrates with most payments processing networks, specific features and functions vary according to each specific platform. RPOWER stands behind each of our merchant processing partners by bringing the most advanced and secure restaurant credit card processing solutions available in the industry.
  • Fully Encrypted Transaction 3
  • Shared Tokenization

  • Offline Mode

  • Pre-Auth

  • Offline/Decline Automated re-try

Accept Credit Cards ANYWHERE

Pay at the Table

RPOWER POS offers a fully compliant and integrated, customer-driven pay-at-the-table solution for accepting EMV, EMV pin, magnetic swipe, Apple Pay and NFC (near-field communication) transactions.

At the Door

Take secure payments beyond your restaurant walls, with RPOWER pay-at-the-door for delivery. Secure EMV Payments are made using a mobile device which integrates directly into your RPOWER POS system.


Save your customer the trouble of paying in store by accepting secure payments for online orders with any one of our numerous online ordering integration partners.


Our Processing Partners

RPOWER Partners with Vantiv, SilverEdge, and Sterling Restaurant Credit Card Processing Systems to Provide exceptionally Integrated Merchant Processing Solutions


RPOWER partners with VantivĀ® to provide a powerful, full service integration that dramatically simplifies EMV payment processing while maximizing the functionality of your POS to drive new revenue. E2E Encryption.


SilverEdge/First Data allows RPOWER customers a competitive discount by eliminating costs for middleware. This integration allows RPOWER systems users a considerably lower cost versus other processing groups.

Sterling Payment Technologies

Utilizing both Datacap NETePay and Verifone's VX805 EMV terminal, Sterling makes EMV compliance easy and affordable for RPOWER users. Our partnership provides a solution that brings security, reliability, and value to our customers.



Key restaurant credit card processing security measures related to RPOWER and cardholder data:

RPOWER POS has been officially validated against the security requirements set forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI) to ensure the safe handling of cardholder information. Since 1995, RPOWER POS has always been protective of cardholder data, exceeding the strictest security requirements of the time.

  • RPOWER never prints or displays full credit card numbers to anyone under any circumstances.

  • Track 2 and AVS, CVC and PIN data is never stored after initial authorization under any circumstances.

  • RPOWER keystroke and system logs never contain sensitive cardholder information

  • Any and all credit card data is inaccessible to anyone beyond strategically designated RPOWER Corporate employees.

  • RPOWER Certified Dealers, RPOWER support technicians, nor RPOWER merchants themselves, regardless of their access to the RPOWER POS application or its data, have the ability to retrieve credit card or secure cardholder data under any circumstances.

  • RPOWER uses two-factor authentication when accessing sites remotely for direct support. We strongly recommend the use of a two-factor authentication remote access product for any remote access with configuration settings defined in the RPOWER CISP Implementation Guide.

Click Here To View the RPOWER CISP Implementation Guide

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