CONVENIENT You Choose the Features

Enhance your customer’s restaurant experience by providing a simple and convenient way to place their orders. By integrating with one of our restaurant online ordering systems, your restaurant can choose to add specific features, thus fully customizing the system to meet your needs. For example, you can opt to move all phone orders to your online ordering system so your hosts can fully focus on your dine-in guests.

INTELLIGENT Syncs Directly to Your POS

Your restaurant online ordering integration syncs directly with your RPOWER POS system to avoid any barriers between your customer orders and kitchen communication. Customers can conveniently place orders through their mobile devices and more.

SOPHISTICATED Craft your own Online Menu

Each of our online ordering integrations are user friendly. Craft your own online menu with little to no direction and retrieve insights at the touch of a button. When pairing with a restaurant online ordering system, choose the option to merge menus from your RPOWER point of sale system instead of drafting from scratch.

It is much easier for customers to discover new restaurants when they are on multiple platforms


Not only will your business drive sales solely from the integration of online ordering, but it will also serve as marketing to potential new customers. Promote your business through our partners’ marketing channels to increase your presence in the digital world.

Seamless Integration

Make changes to your menu with the push of a button and modify which items are available for online ordering. With every menu adjustment made in your RPOWER POS system, your online ordering system automatically updates the change.


Enjoy a large selection of design options with any one of our partners to incorporate your restaurant’s brand onto your online ordering menu. Customize further by adding your logo and detailed descriptions to each menu option.



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Whether you’re a multi-unit or small business operation, RPOWER’s restaurant online ordering system has you covered. For franchise-based restaurants, select the option to have one menu that serves all locations.
  • Applova
  • AtwareTech
  • Brandibble
  • Geomerx
  • GrubHub
  • MAVN
  • OLO
  • Online Orders Now
  • Order Talk
  • Seamless
  • TakeOut Tech
  • ToGo Tech
  • UberEATS

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