RPOWER POS - 5 Ways your Counter Service Restaurant Can Benefit from a Customer Facing Display

5 Ways your Counter Service Restaurant Can Benefit from a Customer Facing Display

5 Ways your Counter Service Restaurant Can Benefit from a Customer Facing Display

Nothing is more reassuring than getting exactly what you’re paying for, especially when it comes to your food order. Counter-service restaurants across the industry are implementing customer facing display systems, allowing customers to see exactly what they order when they place the order.

Whether that’s using a tablet or another form of customer display, giving your customers more information through the checkout process can bring meaningful benefits to the overall customer experience.

See how else your quick-service restaurant can benefit from implementing a customer facing display:

Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is an important aspect of any restaurant’s customer loyalty program A speedy and transparent customer checkout process can help determine whether or not customers return to your restaurant. Why not improve the overall experience with a customer facing display in your quick-service restaurant?

With a display system, customers can see what they are purchasing on a tablet or other interactive display right in front of them, which assures customers that what they order is what they are paying for in the restaurant. Customers will also feel like they are in control of their purchases with everything being displayed on a screen in front of them, which may also include a preview of a receipt.

Increased Tips for Employees

Employees will also see benefits to your restaurant from a customer facing display. Many systems include a touchscreen for the customer to use, such as a tablet. On these screens, customers can be given an opportunity to add a tip to their bill with ease and convenience.

Show off your Latest Promotions

More than just a benefit for you and your employees,  customer facing displays can give you a place to display your latest sales and promotions in real time.  An attractive screen or device can grab the attention of your customers and give you an additional way to feature or upsell certain products which are already built into your technology.

By displaying your sales and promotions directly in front of customers, they are able to see what you are offering while giving them an extra opportunity for engagement. They can ask questions and your staff can help them with ordering decisions.

It Might be Part of the Law

Depending on where your restaurant is located, you might be required by law to have a customer facing display. California is a state that typically requires “conspicuous display” of prices, meaning that each item must have the price displayed to the customer as it is rung up by a clerk. 

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