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RPOWER Mobile Pay

RPOWER accepts all EMV, EMV Pin, Magnetic Swipe, Apple Pay and NFC transactions!

RPOWER Pay at the Table

RPOWER Mobile Pay connects the Clover Mobile Device with your existing RPOWER POS System to offer a fully compliant and integrated, customer-driven Pay-at-the-Table solution capable of accepting EMV, EMV Pin, Magnetic Swipe, Apple Pay and NFC transactions.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

RPOWER interfaces with most merchant processing partners directly or seamlessly via Datacap processing gateways. Contact your local RPOWER Certified Dealership for specific information on the additional benefits of processing with one of RPOWER's certified processing partners.

Vantiv® - Integrated Payment Processing

Full-Service, Competitive Credit Card Processing

RPOWER partners with Vantiv® to provide powerful, seamless integration that dramatically simplifies EMV payment processing while maximixing the functionality of your POS to drive new revenue. Free 24/7 U.S. based customer support, multi-store reconcilliation, e-commerce solutions, online transaction reporting, stand-in authorization during network outage, PCI compliance, and more.

Vantiv® Gift Card Processing

RPOWER and Vantiv® together provide unmatched customer Gift card processing for single and multi-site locations. Every RPOWER & Vantiv® customer receives integrated Gift Card processing at no additional costs. RPOWER is certified under the current PA-DSS payment standards with EMV card processing capabilities. The combination of RPOWER POS and Vantiv® will advance your CRM programs well beyond the competition while keeping you up to date with current industry processing standards. SilverEdge - Integrated Payment P

SilverEdge - Integrated Payment Processing

RPOWER and SilverEdge have teamed up to deliver an integrated credit card processing solution to RPOWER's new and existing clientele. This will allow RPOWER customers to gain a more competitive discount rate by eliminating costs for middleware. RPOWER and SilverEdge have always been dedicated to delivering a complete cost-effective point-of-sale solutions to their customers. This integration allows RPOWER systems users a considerable lower cost versus other processing groups.

Sterling Payment Technologies - Integrated Payment Processing

Sterling Payment Technologies, a leading provider of payment processing, has partnered with RPOWER POS to offer a fully-integrated EMV-enabled solution to businesses in the hospitality industry. Utilizing both Datacap NETePay and Verifone's VX805 EMV terminal, the EMV solution also includes a tip adjust feature. Sterling makes EMV compliance easy and affordable for RPOWER users. Our partnership provides a solution that brings security, reliability, and value to our customers.

RPOWER POS, A validated PA-DSS Application

RPOWER POS is a validated PA-DSS application, meeting the standard set forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to ensure the safe handling of cardholder information. Since 1995, RPOWER has always been protective of cardholder data. We have never stored credit card numbers, expiration dates, or magnetic stripe track data unencrypted. In addition, we have formatted receipts and system logging security measures beyond standard compliancy according to the strictest requirements delegated.

RPOWER POS Version 2018, adheres to PA-DSS V3.2 guidelines. Furthermore, we can identify the following key statements about credit card security and cardholder information with regards to RPOWER:

  • RPOWER never prints or displays full credit card numbers to anyone under any circumstances.
  • Track 2 and AVS data are not stored after initial authorization under any circumstances.
  • Card verification code and PIN values are never stored after initial authorization under any circumstances.
  • RPOWER's keystroke logs do not contain sensitive information, while at the same time recording something was entered.
  • Any and all credit card data is inaccessible to anyone outside of strategically designated RPOWER Corporate employees, for use in monitored trouble-shooting, support, and development purposes. Even RPOWER certified dealers with access to the highest level security cannot retrieve credit card data under any circumstances.
  • RPOWER uses two-factor authentication when accessing sites remotely for direct support. We recommend the use of a two-factor authentication remote access product for any remote access with configuration settings defined in the PA-DSS Implementation Guide.

Please follow this link: RPOWER's PA-DSS Implementation Guide to view RPOWER's Complete PA-DSS Implementation Guide.

For specific questions regarding RPOWER's PA-DSS Validation & Implementation Guide please contact your local RPOWER Dealership or email us directly at support@rpower.com.

Visit www.visa/cisp.com or www.pcisecuritystandards.org to learn more about PCI Compliancy and Security Standards designated for your business.