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RPOWER - Worldpay Integration for RPOWER POS
Worldpay Integration :
Details :
  • Classification : Integration
  • Category : Payment Processing
  • Market : All Restaurants
Worldpay Description :
Payment processing should be painless

Behind the scenes, payment processing can be complicated. There are a lot of moving parts that payment processors manage in order to move money from one bank to another when a customer makes a purchase.

But payments should be mostly invisible to the businesses and customers that are using them. One way to judge the quality of a payment processor’s services is by the level of involvement required by you, the business owner, to keep things running smoothly. The less complexity for you, the better the payment processing solution is for your business.. Even further, the more all of these aspects of payment processing are integrated into every point-of-sale transaction, the more pain-free every customer experience will be.

  • Connect from anywhere
    In-store, online, and on the go—you can accept payments wherever your customers are shopping
  • Connect to any payments
    Credit, debit, gift, and stored value cards. Plus mobile wallets and EMV chip cards.
  • Connect through any device
    Smart terminals, wireless terminals, integrated point-of-sale (POS) systems, mobile devices and virtual terminals.