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RPOWER - Marketing Vitals Integration for RPOWER POS
Marketing Vitals Integration :
Details :
  • Classification : Integration
  • Category : Business Intelligence Services
  • Market : All Hospitality Environments
CompuPay Description :
Why Us?

    At Marketing Vitals, we help restaurants improve sales and increase profits through our innovative, data-mining marketing analytics software.

    Our team of experts from both the tech and restaurant worlds work together to give our customers the most cutting-edge, effective analytics technology on the market.

    By mining data points from nearly every facet of your restaurant’s operations, Marketing Vitals’ software allows you to pinpoint every opportunity to better serve your customers and boost your success — whether that’s up-selling your seasonal appetizer, or suggesting a specialty drink to go with your customer’s eat-on-the-run lunch.

    A key factor in the high success rate of our approach is our restaurant expertise. You’d think that would go without saying, but too many software companies out there try to sell to markets that they know nothing about. We’ve taken the time to create a consultation team with extensive restaurant industry experience. That’s because we believe in specialization, service, and putting our money where our mouth is.

    When we work with restaurant owners, franchises, and consultants, we want to do more than just speak their language. Anyone can string together a few buzzwords. We want to speak to them frankly, find out what their issues are, and help them understand the solutions we present. It’s more than just talking points; it’s an approach that treats every client like the individual they are.

  • Discover
    What makes your customers tick, indulge, refrain, and return. Discover what makes your employees up sell, impress, or disappoint. Discover how the seasons, holidays, menu, and staff generate revenue or drain cash. Discover hidden reserves of potential, and efficiency hacks. Discover how to turn data into dollars and pain points into growth.
  • Incentivize
    Your staff to work smarter and incentivize your customers to become your biggest fans. Incentivize the best use of your resources and the most optimal functioning of your marketing and sales. Incentivize your whole operation to generate positive momentum.
  • Grow
    Your business, grow your ROI, and grow your peace of mind. Grow the ability to know the difference between a hunch and clear cause and effect. Grow a team, empowered by statistical facts and systems thinking. Grow your brand, your reputation, and your number of satisfied guests. Grow from scrambling to scaling. Grow. Exponentially.