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RPOWERPOS - Kitchen Display System

Automate your kitchen with an RPOWER Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Because an organized kitchen is an organized restaurant.

Keep your staff and kitchen organized: Ensure that your team is fully prepared and equipped for peak times by integrating with RPOWER’s kitchen display system. Illegible, lost, or forgotten tickets will be thing of the past.

Item coursing

Sort and display kitchen orders by dining course options to speed up back of house operations (appetizers, entrees, desserts).

Product Mix

Alternatively, sort by guest (Guest 1, Guest 2, Guest 3)

Sales Reports

Designate specific items for KDS system screens: steaks belong to the grill, as fried onions go to the fry area.

Sales Reports

Your KDS system connects with orders in real time and even incorporates online orders with the option to let customers know when their order is ready.

The RPOWER Kitchen Display System will overall improve your back of house communication.

Reduce Paper Usage

Skip purchasing that pricey printer and its paper just for your kitchen

Reduce Cook Times

Allow employees to use the coursing manager to track their own performance.

Reduce Food Cost:

Connect with RPOWER analytics and track your most and least sold items. Stock up on more of what you need and save on perishable items.

Look no Further for Your Restaurant POS System

Color Coding

Tickets are sorted with color coding to show how long a ticket has been open for.

Ticket History

Sort through ticket history to track individual cook times to find where extra training is needed

Customize it all

Tailor-make RPOWER KDS to fit your restaurant’s needs. Change background colors, font sizes, and number of tickets that display on the screen.

No limits

With RPOWER, you can have as many KDS stations as you need.


Connect all areas of your business with RPOWER analytics. Easily pull information from analytics reports and determine productivity and understand what’s in high demand so your business is always prepared.

Six easy steps to success with your RPOWER kitchen display system:

  1.   Customer places order through the store, through their mobile device, or online
  2.   Order immediately fires to kitchen within seconds
  3.   Back of house receives order just as it was placed (notes and all), color coded to perfection and ready to prepare
  4.   Before beginning production, kitchen staff double check to make sure there are no allergy or nutrition specifications
  5.   Back of house utilizes the description (recipe) feature to ensure the finished product turns out perfectly
  6.   Back of house informs servers that their orders are ready with the touch of a button.

At the end of the day, gather your staff or management team to overview the day’s production. RPOWER makes it simple for you to check overall time performance for the day so you can master the perfect assembly to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Compare order to completion time before and after integrating with RPOWER Kitchen Display System right from your point of sale terminal or on the go, in real time.