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Welcome to the RPOWER End User Wiki

The central place for all things RPOWER. The site is ever-evolving with new FAQs as well as additional video tutorials so check back often. Have a suggestion email us at: wiki@rpower.com

Simply click on the title of the section you would like to navigate to display the relevant content.



Time Clock FAQ

Server Quick FAQ

Bartender and Cashier Quick FAQ

Manager Quick FAQ

Targeted Help Guides

Server Reference Guide

Bartender and Cashier Reference Guide

Manager Functions and System Configuration Details

All Manager Functions...

Manager Operations - Front End

Manager Operations - Back End

Menu Setup

Employee Setup

System Setup


Server Operations Tutorials

Server Operations Overview
Starting a New Check
Ordering Drinks
Adding Items to a Check
Using 'Dup Round'
Correcting Item Errors
Hold & Fire Operations
Printing Guest Checks
Printing Shared Checks
Item Splitting Checks
Paying Checks with Cash
Authorizing Credit Cards
Transferring Checks

Bartender and Cashier Tutorials

'Fast Cash' Transactions
Bar Tab Operations
Using Dup Round
Transferring Tabs
Using House Accounts
Using Caller ID

Front End Manager Tutorials

Back End Manager Tutorials

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