RPower table-service
  • RPOWER's intuitive design simplifies server interactions allowing service staff to focus on the customer
  • Check Splitting, Menu Coursing, Hold/Fire Ordering, Graphical Layouts to monitor table status, and many more Table Service features...
  • Table-Side / Mobile workstations are available to expedite order entry and payments
  • Item Countdown and 86 Notifications improve server-kitchen communication

RPOWER's Fine Dining and Table Service

RPOWER Point of Sale has developed features catered specifically towards the Table Service environment. Intuitive operations for splitting checks, menu coursing, and hold/fire ordering reduce time at the POS terminal, keeping the attention of the service staff on the customer. RPOWER also includes built-in features to increase staff awareness and simplify in-house communication with employee messaging, count down/86 notification, and menu item/specials description capabilities. Smart ordering software with forced and unforced modifier selections complete the order process while minimizing touches. Integrated high-speed credit card processing with definable capabilities for off-line processing and security overrides for multiple single-card transactions, tip percentages, and validation printing provide flexible controls for payment processing and advanced credit card security. RPOWER's Table Service software provides the unmatched stability and dependability our customers demand while providing the software tools to simplify order entry operations while keeping the management team in control.
RPOWER's Customer Rewards Programs
RPOWER gift and customer rewards programs extend far beyond the traditional POS software offerings. From the availability of Internet multi-store gift cards to scalable Frequent Diner and Loyalty Rewards programs, RPOWER lets you cater to your customers. Not only are these programs affordable, there are absolutely no transaction or recurring monthly fees. You can also utilize RPOWER to handle all of your House Account needs with monthly statements and billing.
RPOWER Mobile Workstations
Handheld, mobile POS workstations can increase server productivity and customer satisfaction in an elegant table-side manner. Saving money and making customers happier is only one side of the equation. With an optional magnetic swipe reader and wireless belt printer, you'll be poised to maximize profits.

Speed up your order time and table turns with RPOWER Mobile Workstations. Capitalize on complete RPOWER functionality including secure table-side credit card payments and receipt printing.
RPOWER's Graphical Table Layout
The RPOWER POS Graphical Table layout provides a comprehensive view of the current state of tables in your establishment. Twelve different color codes denote table status from initial seating to a dirty status enabling your staff to table manage with increased efficiency. The RPOWER Graphical Table layout screen also includes quick action buttons for printing guest checks, paying/closing checks, firing held orders, and duplicate round ordering.

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