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Xpress-pay facilitates payment processing through the scan of a QR code printed by RPOWER on the customer's guest check. Xpress-pay itself does not authorize or process the customer's credit card, but instead makes the card information securely available to RPOWER, which authorizes and finalizes the purchase in the same way as any other credit card transaction. This article will discuss the setup and implementation of Xpress-pay with RPOWER.

  • Note: RPOWER version 11011401 or higher is required for Xpress-pay support.
  • Note: Dealer pricing for the Xpress-pay interface has now been finalized. Call RPOWER for details.

After enrolling with Xpress-pay, a merchant's guest checks will include a QR code, similar to the one at right, containing a URL, merchant identifier and an invoice number.

Using a smart phone, customers may scan the QR code, delivering them to the Xpress-pay website, where a summary of the guest check will be presented. The app allows the customer to adjust the gratuity percentage from zero to 100, default 18%, or a gratuity amount may be entered.

Add New Card

After touching Next, the customer is presented with an entry form, requesting name, address, email and credit card information. After completing the form, the transaction is finalized with the merchant.

A receipt for the transaction is generated and presented on the customer's smart phone...

Xpress-pay also emails the customer a receipt for the transaction, and optionally sends an SMS (text) to the server or other designated party at the restaurant to confirm payment.

While still viewing their receipt, customers have the opportunity to save their account details, with or without credit card information, making future transactions much faster. To proceed, the customer supplies a password and confirmation, and finalizes by touching Create Account.

A confirmation is then displayed.

On their next purchase, the customer simply supplies their password and touches Log in. The customer may also Proceed As Guest to use a different Xpress-pay account, Reset Account to edit account details, or Back to Bill to review the current transaction.

Touching Confirm payment finalizes the transaction, all with a minimal number of keystrokes.

Order POSCNX.ini

Complete an order form and Xpress-pay setup sheet (location tba) and email to office.manager@rpower.com.

RPOWER will copy a poscnx.ini (see next section) to the dealer's ftp folder.


Poscnx.ini contains the parameters used by RPOWER to control the inteface to Xpress-pay.

Navigate to:

 X:\rpower\winrun\ini (where X is the system shared drive letter)

...and copy the .ini file there.

  • Important: Rename the file, if necessary, to poscnx.ini.
  • Important: Be sure that Hide extensions for known file types is not selected. (Windows Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, View)
  • Important: RPOWER MUST be restarted on all workstations for poscnx.ini to load. (Shortcut - Manager/System Maintenance/Enter Site Code does just that).

A sample poscnx.ini section for Xpress-pay is shown below:

; k3ccmid serno-iBillTypePk-securitycode

; NumReceipts = # of validation receipts RPOWER prints on
; approved transactions
; -1 = zero copies
;  0 = default copies (for credit cards)
;  1 = one copy
;  2 = two copies

; RPOWER normally tries to close checks to the server's bank.
; If the server does not have a bank, it tries to close the check
; to a cash drawer assigned to ClerkID on the workstation given
; by CloseStation if both are defined.
; If ",ALWAYS" follows the CloseStation, then RPOWER will close
; all checks to the cash drawer and not to server banks.


; PrintStation = Workstation to print validation receipts,
; otherwise CloseStation, otherwise POSCNX Server station.



Configure Xpress-pay Employee

Navigate to Manager, Employee Setup, and Add New

The important fields are:

ID - 999 (or other value corresponding to the ClerkID field in POSCNX.ini)

Name: Xpress-pay or On-Line Cashier

Job: must be banked server or cashier

  • Note: The purpose of the of the Xpress-pay employee is to provide an operator to which to close the guest check in the event that the issuing server is not banked and no assigned cash drawers are available.

Hardware Setup

There is no specific hardware setup required within RPOWER, however attention must be paid that the device Type within Device Definitions accurately reflects Thermal Roll Printer or Impact Roll Printer, accordingly, for the guest check or receipt printer(s). This is important as the QR codes are printed differently depending on the device.

RPOWER Operations

Print the guest check - the customer either pays normally or scans the QR code - that's it.

Xpress-pay Marketing Materials

Window Sticker

Folio Insert

Table Tent


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