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RPOWER can run on a variety of consumer and business tablets. Tablets running Windows are preferred due to RPOWER being able to run natively on them.

RDP or Native?

Windows Tablets can run RPOWER 2 different ways, iPads and Androids use the RDP method.

RDP: You can use an RDP client (mstsc.exe in Windows) to connect to a file server running Windows. This method uses the file server's processing power to run RPOWER in a new session and just delivers the screen to the tablet. This is akin to you remoting in to a site using LogMeIn or ScreenConnect.

Native: With Windows Tablets, you can install RPOWER on the tablet just like you would on a traditional terminal.

Touch Dynamic Quest Tablet

The Quest tablet runs Windows and is configured just like a regular workstation.

In the Workstation INI this tablet is using, change XRES=xxx to XRES=1024,640

If you're using RDP, the same XRES INI setting still applies.

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