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Seamless Menu Style Requirements (Courtesy of GCS Computers)

Seamless requires that the display of the Seamless menu follow certain guidelines as defined below.



Menus should be presented in the order shown below:

1 Breakfast

2 Daily Specials

3 Appetizers

4 Soups

5 Salads

6 Sandwiches

7 Wraps, Panini, Burgers

8 Small Courses (Pizza, Pasta, Burritos, etc.)

9 Main Courses (Chicken, Seafood, Beef Entrees, etc.)

10 Sides

11 Desserts

12 Beverages

13 Coffee/Tea

14 Smoothies/Milkshakes

All category names should be listed and punctuated with the first letter of every word capitalized (except articles like "of", "the", etc.). e.g.: From the Grill, Create Your Own Salad

Ccategory descriptions should be used to communicate information relating to ALL items within the category. Category descriptions must be entered as "standard" sentences with regular capitalization and punctuation, proper nouns, etc.

e.g. Lunch Specials - All lunch specials are served with your choice of side.

e.g. Breakfast - Breakfast is served until 10:30 am daily.

All breakfast, brunch & specials categories (including bakery/baked good categories) must indicate availability in the category description; even if the items within the category are available all day.

e.g. Breakfast Served all day.

e.g. Brunch Available from 11am to 3:30pm Saturday & Sunday.

Seamless - RPOWER Menu Setup

  1. Create a Seamless menu panel
  2. Createe Seamless switches
  3. Create Seamless menu items
Manager Functions

Setup a Seamless menu panel

This is where all Seamless switches will be placed

From Manager Functions select Menu Setup

Menu Setup

Touch Add New

Menu Information

In the Name field, type (SeamlessWeb). This entry IS case sensitive.

In the Add'l, type the restaurant name.

Touch Save

Create Seamless Switches

From the newly created panel, select Switches by touching it.

Touch the blank, top-left button in the middle menu panel.

  • Important Note: Be sure to select from the Middle section only.
Select Sections

Toggle the Right section button so that it is green and Left and Middle are fuchsia.

Touch Save

Menu Panels

From Menu Panels touch Add New.

Name the panel as appropriate, using OL (OnLine), or some other designator in the menu panel name to differentiate it from non-online panels. This panel reflects the first category to be named in the order mentioned at the top of this article (Breakfast, Daily Specials...)

Touch Description.

On the first line, make the entry NAME=# followed by the Seamless category name as it is to appear on the website, e.g. Breakfast.

  • Important note: NAME= MUST be capitalized.
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