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The Reports area of RPOWER displays all of the inclusive reports available with your RPOWER system. These reports are available from any RPOWER workstation on the network with the appropriate employee privilege level. Each report can be outputted to the local screen, local printer, web-browser or pre-defined email accounts.

Dark blue buttons represent reports that are run on the current days' activity. Voids and Product Mix reports may be run on the current days actvity as well as historically.

Note: When reviewing the example reports in this section it is important to note that not all sorting or dialogue options will be the same. Some report option are site specific. The choices listed may not be applicable to your location, such as each site's Meal Times and Profit Centers as they are customized for their respective locations.

Light blue buttons are reports able to be run over a date range.

Green (light and dark) buttons are reports relating to time clock records.

Purple buttons are reports relating to customer accounts and account receivable. These reports require an 80 column printer (standard office printer).

Current Day Reports

Shift So Far

Runs a report based upon sales for the current shift only.

Day So Far

Runs a report based upon sales for the current day.

Open Checks

Report lists all open checks in the system.

Sales vs. Labor

Report that display hour by hour sales versus hour by hour labor costs.

Current Crew

Report lists all employees currently on the clock.

Daily Labor

Report display alls employee labor worked for the day.

Product Mix So Far

Displays breakdown of menu items sold for the current day.

Future Production

Displays an estimate of future product sales based upon current days menu item sales trends.

Historical Reports

Product Mix

Report displays breakdown of individual menu items sold over a date range.


Displays all voids performed over a date range.

Sales History

Report of sales and payment history over a date range.

Sales Summary

Report displays daily or monthly sales totals.

Employee Sales

Displays a summation of sales by employee over a date range.

Product Mix by Server

Display a breakdown of menu item sales by employee over a date range.

Reprint G/L Summary

Reprints the general ledger posting summary for a date range.

Customer Reports

Customer Activity

Reports all customer sales activity for a date range.

Billing Statement

Prints billing statements for all customers carrying an outstanding balance on their house account.

Aged A/R

Prints a summation of all aged account receivable balances by customer.

Time Clock and Close Day

Employee Time Clock

Report of employee labor for date range with payroll detail.

Employee Time Clock(No Pay)

Report of employee labor for date range without pay detail.

Pay Period Time Clock

Identical report to Employe Time Clock except employee time clock records are locked into history once the report is run. These records are no longer able to be edited without RPOWER Support personnel intervention.

Calculate Overtime Now

Forces RPOWER to look at Overtime settings and re-calculate overtime pay where applicable.

Close Day

Begins the Close Day process manually.

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