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RPOWER uses a handful of INI files to configure technical system settings outside of the RPOWER software application. These files are kept in //RPOWER/WINRUN/INI unless otherwise noted. Each file has a unique set of parameters. All INI file settings not listed in a given INI file onsite are then set to the default setting for RPOWER systems. Select the INI file link below for a description of each and the common INI file parameters for each.

As with all RPOWER system settings, the INI files for your system should not be manipulated without the supervision of a certified RPOWER Dealer/Technician. Edits to these environment variables can and will create potentially catastrophic changes for your installation of RPOWER.



The RPOWER.INI file sets system variables for RPOWER. Typically these variables set the windows directory paths and environment settings to be used by the local installation of RPOWER.


The INI file used to define OPOS driven peripheral devices. This INI file is installed on all RPOWER systems. The settings in this file are used if and only if OPOS type devices are used by the installed RPOWER system.


The EMAIL.INI file sets the parameters for RPOWER to remit emails to a defined list of recipients during key activities within RPOWER. This includes auto-emailing of Close Day Reports, on-demand emailing of an report at time of execution, and triggered emailing based upon specific criteria (eg. credit card settlement errors).


The POSCNX.INI file serves two functions:

  1. It designates the RPOWER workstation used as the "Server" computer when doing XML data transfers for RPOWER Reports, non-local QuickBooks G/L posting, embedded web-page hosting (Internet Services Module), Multi-site Gift Card hosting or Online Ordering.
  2. It defines the ClerkID (Online order taker) and PLU codes for unknown items (non-matching menu items) for the Online Ordering interface.


The WEB.INI file is used to set the parameters for the real-time embedded wep page hosted by your RPOWER system for Internet access to RPOWER Floor Reports. This feature is included with RPOWER 2008 systems.


The CUSCNX.INI file determines how RPOWER handles any of its CRM programs whether 3rd Party or RPOWER Hosted, including: Gift Card Programs, Loyalty Card Programs, VIP/Discount Programs and Prepay Card Programs.


The CREDCNX.INI file is used to determine the RPOWER sites merchant account settings for credit card processing with one of RPOWER's integrated processing partners: Mercury Payment Systems and Paypent Processing Inc. It is important to note that this INI file is NOT used for RPOWER sites processing with 911 Creditline Software.


Each workstation in RPOWER uses a WORKSTATION.INI file to set specific system parameters.


The RFX.INI file is used to manage RFX (RPOWER File Exchange). RFX is used to transfer QuickBooks, RPOWER Report Database, daily Zip, and other files over the Internet from "stores" (clients) to a "corporate" (server) office.

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