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RPOWER uses DBASE III database files for its primary database sturcture. The RPOWER database directory is typically located at C:\SYS\RPOWER\DATA from the File Server workstation or similarly at F:\RPOWER\DATA from a workstation. Below are the file descriptions for each database file.

File Name Brief Description
ACD.DBF (A)ctive (C)ash (D)rawers for the current day
ACH.DBF (A)ctive (C)ash drawer (H)istory for previous days
CCD.DBF (C)ustomer Credit (C)ar(D)s
CID.DBF (C)aller (ID) list information
CPN.DBF (C)ou(P)o(N) file for promotional coupons that print at the end of a guest check
CRS.DBF Menu (C)ou(RS)es file
CUD.DBF (CU)stomer (D)aily information
CUH.DBF (CU)stomer ticket (H)istory used for customer billing
CUS.DBF (CUS)tomers and accounts
DDF.DBF Output (D)evice (D)e(F)initions
DEP.DBF RPOWER Sales and Payment (DEP)artments
DIZ.DBF (D)iscount (I)temi(Z)ers
DLC.DBF Peripheral (D)evice (L)o(C)ations (Output Destinations)
DPH.DBF (D)evice (PH)ysical Locations (Devices on Site)
DTM.DBF (D)ay (T)i(M)e Periods
EEE.DBF (E)mploy(EE) Information file
EEJ.DBF (E)mploye(E) (J)obs
ETC.DBF (E)mployee (T)ime (C)lock records
FIA.DBF (F)ood (I)tem (A)djustments file (Inventory)
FID.DBF (F)ood (I)tem (D)aily Activity file (Inventory)
FIF.DBF (F)ood (I)tem (F)ood Items (Inventory prepared item recipies)
FII.DBF (F)ood (I)tem (I)nvetory buckets
FIT.DBF (F)ood (IT)ems (Inventory)
FOL.DBF (FOL)io file for file-based PMS integration
FPL.DBF (F)ood (P)rep (L)ine (Inventory daily prep)
GAC.DBF Dynamic (G)lobal (A)ction (F)ile (System)
GIN.DBF (G)lobal System (IN)formation (System)
GLA.DBF (G)eneral (L)edger (A)ccounts
GLP.DBF (G)eneral (L)edger (P)osting history
GPT.DBF (G)eneral Ledger Temporary (P)osting (T)otals file
ICH.DBF Credit card (formerly (IC)Verify) transaction (H)istory file (no longer used — empty)
ICT.DBF Credit card (formerly (IC)Verify) daily (T)ransaction file
ICS.DBF Credit card (formerly (IC)Verify) (S)ettlements history
IUE.DBF (I)nventory (U)sage (E)vent log file
JBD.DBF (J)o(B) (D)escription file
MDR.DBF (M)enu Item (DR)ops file
MID.DBF (M)enu (I)tem (D)isplay file — does not exist in BACKUP or Daily Zips
MIF.DBF (M)enu (I)tem (F)ood Item (Recipe) file
MIH.DBF (M)enu (I)tem Sales (H)istory
MIP.DBF (M)enu (I)tem (P)rices
MIT.DBF (M)enu (IT)ems
MNB.DBF (M)e(N)u On-Screen (B)uttons
MNU.DBF (M)e(NU) Panels
MTM.DBF (M)eal (T)i(M)es
PCE.DBF (P)rofit (CE)nters
PHD.DBF (PH)ysical Inventory Run (D)ates
PHF.DBF (PH)ysical Inventory (F)ood Totals History
PHI.DBF (PH)ysical (I)nventory Entry file
PIN.DBF (P)ost (I)t (N)otes — used for other system records as well
PRP.DBF (P)ay(R)oll (P)osting history
PZP.DBF (P)hone, City, State, (Z)i(P) file for each site
RIN.DBF (R)estaurant (IN)formation file
ROM.DBF Restaurant (R)o(OM)s file
RPT.DBF (R)e(P)ort (T)otals temporary file
RSD.DBF (R)e(S)ervation (D)eposit Payments file
RSV.DBF (R)e(S)er(V)ations file
SIN.DBF Dynamic (S)ystem (IN)formation file
STA.DBF Work(STA)tion Information file
STD.DBF Work(ST)ation Attached (D)evices (Output Destinations)
TBL.DBF Restaurant (T)a(BL)es file
TKH.DBF Closed (T)ic(K)et (H)istory file
TKL.DBF (T)ic(K)et Workstation (L)ock file (active checks open on workstations)
TKM.DBF Current Day (T)ic(K)et (M)enu Items file
TKN.DBF Current Day (T)ic(K)et "Li(N)es" — entree items and modifiers
TKP.DBF Current Day (T)ic(K)et (P)ayments file
TKR.DBF Current Day (T)ic(K)et "(R)oot" (entree) items
TKS.DBF Current Day (T)ic(K)et (S)ort — used for KVS
TKT.DBF Current Day (T)ic(K)e(T)s file
TMH.DBF (T)icket (M)enu Item order detail (and voids) (H)istory file
TNH.DBF (T)icket "Li(N)es" order detail (H)istory file
TPC.DBF (T)ransaction (P)osting (C)odes - Menu Sales Categories, Payment Methods.
TPH.DBF (T)icket (P)ayments (H)istory file
TPL.DBF (T)ip (P)oo(L)s file
TRH.DBF (T)icket "(R)oots" order detail (H)istory file
TSH.DBF (T)icket Menu (S)ales Category Subtotals (H)istory file
VEN.DBF (VEN)dors file (Inventory)
VFI.DBF (V)endor (F)ood (I)tems file (Inventory)
VIL.DBF (V)endor (I)nvoice (L)ine file (Inventory)
VRE.DBF (V)oid (RE)asons file
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