RPOWER - J2 Embedded XP Build Notes


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  1. Format USB drive with HP USB disk format, using \DOS Diskette as source.
  2. Copy the contents of the appropriate J2 Build folder to USB root.
  3. Attach a USB mouse to J2. Make sure network cable unplugged.
  4. Boot the J2 on USB with KB (and mouse) attached.
  5. Type j2 Enter at the C prompt — continue w/o marking drive (Alt+W).
  6. When done, remove USB drive, cycle power
  7. (520) Right-click DOS box, select mark, wait for computer to stabilize, release the mark.
  8. (560) Restart when prompted.
  9. Insert USB drive.
  10. notepad, font lucida console 8 (regular)
  11. Right-click My Computer, Properties, System Restore tab, Turn off System Restore. OK.
  12. Press Win-E, Windows Explorer.
    1. Select C:\, View, check Status bar, View, check Details.
    2. Drag Date Modified column to right of Name.
    3. Tools, Folder options..., Offline Files tab, uncheck Enable Offline Files, Apply.
    4. View tab
      1. Uncheck Automatically search...,
      2. Uncheck "simple view."
      3. Check display full path in title.
      4. Uncheck hide extensions.
      5. Apply, Reset All, Apply to all, OK.
    5. Run copyaskname.bat from USB drive.
    6. In WINDOWS folder, double click CLOCK.AVI, initialize WMP.
  13. Right-click Desktop, select Properties.
    1. Background, RPOWER-J2 (Center).
    2. (560) Settings, Advanced, 150%.
    3. Themes, save as... "RPOWER" (and make sure RPOWER selected).
  14. Plug in network cable.
  15. Bring up Internet Explorer.
    1. www.google.com.
    2. Tools, Internet Options.
      1. Use current, Apply.
      2. security, custom level...
        1. Reset to medium.
        2. Change all "prompt" to "enable."
      3. Content tab, Autocomplete...
        1. Uncheck forms if checked.
        2. Uncheck user names and passwords on forms.
  16. taskbar properties
    1. Uncheck group similar.
    2. Uncheck hide inactive icons.
  17. Control Panel
    1. Fonts, file, install new font..., c:\, drivers, free 3 of 9
    2. Back, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, "Users" folder under Local Users and Groups, right-click J2User on the right and select Properties, check the "User cannot change password" and "Password never expires" options.
    3. (520) push properties on touch screen calibrator, create shortcut, on desktop (522 and 560 handled below).
    4. Back, Network Connections, File menu, Network Setup Wizard...
      1. Computer description RPOWER/J2 520 (or) 522 (or) 560.
      2. Workgroup WORKGROUP.
      3. Turn on File & Printer Sharing.
      4. (Just) Finish wizard.
    5. Right click local area connection, Properties.
      1. Uninstall TCP version 6.
      2. Uninstall NWLink IPX/SPX.
      3. Advanced tab, Settings..., disable firewall.
  18. Back to Internet Explorer
    1. Tools, Internet options...
    2. Security tab, Custom, Disable download signed ActiveX controls.
    3. Content Advisor, Approved Sites, enter "*", push Never, password "j2".
    4. General tab, Delete Files...
  19. Right-click Start, Explore All Users...
    1. Delete shortcuts out of Start Menu\Programs.
    2. Move IE from Desktop to Programs.
    3. Right-click Start, Explore.
    4. Move Command Prompt, Notepad, Windows Explorer out of Accessories to All Users, Programs.
    5. Remove Outlook Express from Programs, move WMP and IE to All Users.
    6. (522 and 560) Copy Configure Utility from TouchKit folder to Desktop, rename to "Touchscreen"
  20. Remove My Documents, and IE from Desktop.
  21. (520) Rename "Touchscreen Calibrator" to "Calibrate Touch".
  22. (520?) Right click start, Properties, turn off personalized menus.
  23. Autoarrange Desktop items.
  24. Turn volume all the way up.
  25. (520 and 522) Start, Programs, (etc), OPOS Setup, set Line Display to COM4.
  27. Defrag hard disk (Start, Programs, Accessories).
  28. Run DoFirstJ2Boot.bat from Desktop.
  29. Shut down, insert USB, power up (boots from USB).
  30. Type RPOWER Enter.
    1. Copies image to USB using

      ghost -clone,mode=create,dst=c:\RPOWER.gho,src=2 -fdsz -sure -Z1

    2. Wait for selection, do fast, no spanning, proceed.
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