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This page details how to run a report and how to set a report to run automatically.

Running a Report

Copy and paste the following address into the address bar of your favorite browser, then hit enter:


...or just go there with this link

At the Log In window enter User name and Password and click Log in to Select Report Group.

At the Select Report Group window, choose a report group and click Proceed to Select Report.

At the Select Report window, choose a report a report and click Proceed to Select Report Options.

  • Note: Not all Report Groups provide multiple report selections.

Select report options as appropriate and click Generate Report - the report is displayed. Report options may include selection of Restaurant Name, Start Date and End Date, as well as other report specific options such as Category Name, Overtime Threshold, etc.

After the report is generated, it may be printed by clicking the printer icon (assuming an appropriate printer is attached). It may also be saved by clicking the diskette icon. The magnification may be increased or decreased by clicking the + and - icons located to the right of the printer and diskette icons.

To re-run the same report using different report options, click Change Report Options. To run a different report, click Select Another Report.

  • Note: Use « Back at any time prior to Generate Report to navigate back one page (or use the browser's back arrow). Click Log out to exit reports and return to the Log In window.

Set up a Report to Run Automatically

Auto-run loads a predefined set of Report Options for the selected report, speeding the report generation process.

On the Report Options page, if Turn On is available (not-greyed out), the report may be set to run automatically by clicking Turn On. (Turn On toggles to Turn Off). The auto-run settings for the selected report are displayed; these setting are not user editable.

If the Turn On is greyed out, then auto-run reports have not been enabled for the current user. Contact RPOWER support to inquire as to the availability of auto-run reports.

To disable auto-run settings for the selected report click Turn Off.

Verify Internet Explorer settings

If a pop-up bar/information bar is causing problems when viewing reports, the security settings for a zone may be changed.

From Internet Explorer open the Tools menu and select Internet Options.

If the problem occurs when displaying a pdf report, click on the Programs tab, and then Manage add-ons.


In the Adobe section of the Add-On list, one or both of Adobe PDF Reader and/or Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper are displayed. The status of these items should be Enabled. If not, highlight the item and click Enable. Click Close.

Click on the Privacy tab and then Advanced.

If the Override automatic cookie handling checkbox is checked, click to uncheck it. Click OK.

Click on the Security tab and then Custom level....

In the Security Settings window, scroll down to the Downloads section.

If Automatic Prompting for Downloads is disabled, click Enable.

If File download is disabled, click Enable.

Click OK.

Click OK to close the Internet Options window.

The report should display after doing this. Be aware that a dialog box will pop up asking whether to open or save the report if xls is selected as the Format. Make a selection as appropriate.

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