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Changes to RPOWER since April, 2005.


Version 2014

We are working backwards to fill this in.


Click here for detailed notes.

Version 2014 Highlights

  • Multiple ship-to address with links to real customers.
  • Guest check notes and driving directions (delivery instructions) separately maintained on each ticket with defaults for each customer.

Version 2011

Version 2011 Details


Version 110149 from 12-10-13 v1110710 to (12-30-13 v11014912


Version 11107 from 04-04-13 v1108608 to (12-04-13 v1110709
Version 11086 from 03-01-13 v1108501 to (04-04-13 v1108607
Version 11083 from 11-26-12 v1108101 to 02-28-13 v1108319


Version 11079 from 07-20-12 v1107101 to 11-21-12 v1107904
Version 11069 from 05-01-12 pre-v1106802 to 07-11-12 v1106904

Detailed early 2011 history is not available at this time.

Version 2011 Highlights

  • Partial-payment guest checks (with amount due).
  • Integration to EasyChoice Time & Attendance TIMEVANTAGE real-time punch tracking system.
  • Integration to Vine Solutions accounting and consulting.
  • 40-character menu item and sales category names.
  • New support for "quantity" and zero-price scale items in online orders, both as root items and (more significantly) modifiers.
  • Menu Groups.
  • Optional Internet "online" checking.
  • Interface to TableTap.
  • Speedier interface to 911 CreditLine.
  • Completely new scale handling. Running "blinky" tares.
  • Completely new barcode printing, including the ability to print to impact (dot matrix) printers and support for QR codes.
  • Entirely new rooms and tables setup. Still working on the list of features from earlier 2011 prior to July, 2012.
  • Integration to Mercury Mobile Loyalty (formerly Sundrop Mobile).
  • Integration with MonkeyFist Marketing.
  • Integration to SparkBase gift and loyalty.
  • Customer Ship-To overhaul. Possible for a ship-to to be a link to another real customer. Can search for and copy from ship-tos from other customers. Can turn a ship-to into a real customer (and a link to it).
  • Remote modifier printing fixes and additions.
  • TCP2COM printing system.
  • Payment Method Profit center override.
  • Reworked "Cash Short/Over" and cash deposit posting.
  • Added and improved logging of device issues. Improved "granular" debug logging for problem resolution.
  • Fixes and improvements to Mercury Payment Systems, Online Orders, Berg liquor interface, RPOWER built-in loyalty, menu item imports, autoclose timing, and QuickBooks customer statement information.

Version 2010

Detailed 2010 history is not available at this time.

Version 2009

Product History - 2009

If you are starting from a version prior to 5.392 you must get a version 6 stamp (one should be made for you already) and upgrade to the last version 6. This is actually version 80262, which is not really version 2008. Remember to stamp first — this will be the last time you have to stamp RPOWER. From this point on, RPOWER will ask for a site code. You need to know the site code, obviously. After this, you can upgrade directly to version 2009.

If you are starting from a version prior to 6.076 (but on or after 5.392), make sure you already have a version 2008 stamp made for you (you don't need the actual stamp itself). Then upgrade to version 80432 first (not 80463, which is the latest version 2008 — see below). Remember, you don't need a stamp to upgrade to version 2008 — RPOWER will ask for the site code. *After this, you can upgrade directly to version 2011.

If you are starting from a version later than 6.076, but prior to 9.0248 you will need to exit RPOWER on all workstations, download the appropriate RSETUPxxxxx.exe from and execute it.

If you are starting from version 9.0248 or later you may Update  RPOWER directy from System Maintenance.

Version 2008

Product History - 2008

This version can't update properly from older RPOWER's. If you are on a version prior to 80432 you need to update to version 80432 first. You can then use RPOWER itself to update to 80463.

A new version 2008 (-v801-) stamp is required! Or just call for a Site Code to license the software when prompted.

The previous version must be 5.392 (the latest version 5) or greater.

Also, a CreditLine version 3.03.15 or greater is required.

  • Install CreditLine on your CreditLine server computer. The installer will remove your CreditLine Server shortcuts. You must edit the workstation.ini file and add the line:


  • When CreditLine Manager runs, it may bring up Internet Explorer and prompt you to update the software. DO NOT DO THIS! Just close Internet Explorer!
  • If this is too complicated, call Mercury Payment Systems at (800) 846-4472 or Payment Processing, Inc. at (510) 795-2290 (or just click the link under Merchants: here) and get a competitive quote!

Older version 6 (e.g., -v612-) stamps

80263 (06-02-08)

6.116 C (04-09-08)

6.114 J (03-05-08)

6.113 D (01-16-08)

6.110 F (12-03-07)

6.106 A (09-24-07)

6.096 H (06-26-07)

6.092 I (04-27-07)

6.086 C (02-06-07)

6.069 E (08-30-06)

6.067 A (07-21-2006)

6.047 A 4 (02-13-2006)

6.042 A (11-15-2005)

6.034 A (09-24-2005)

6.028 A (08-31-2005)

6.023 A (07-27-2005)

6.018 A (06-28-2005)

6.014 A (05-23-2005)

Version 5 and Before


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