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Manager Function selections are all accessible from any workstation. Buttons may be greyed out due to employee privilege restrictions or current system status. To enter Manager Functions, Press the Other Options / More Options button from the Order Entry Screen until the Manager button appears. Select the Manager button and enter your passcode. If your Employee Privilegelevel permits RPOWER will enter the Manager Functions area of RPOWER. Likewise a privileged employee using an employee card or fingerprint device can enter Manager Functions from the Order Entry Screen by swiping their employee card or using the fingerprint ID.


Menu Setup

Menu setup for all of your items, discounts, navigation and gratuities.

Update Menu Display

Updates the entire system with any menu setup changes: including menu layout, new & edited menu items, menu pricing, and behavioral changes applied to menu sales categories.

Employee Setup

Employee file, job, time clock and privilege level management.

Inventory Concepts

Enters the RPOWER Inventory system for management of site goods.

Assign Register

Prompts to assign an available cash drawer to elligible employees.

Read/Close Register

Displays all current open cash drawers and server banks. Allows for a "Read, Close or Transfer" of all open drawers/banks.

Register Pay-Out/In

Perform a Pay-Out/In for pre-defined reasons to an available cash drawer.


Enters the RPOWER reporting sectons for all local RPOWER Reorts.

Next Shift

Forces RPOWER to begin a shift(intraday).

Daily Deposits

When enabled allows for a manager to enter "drawer/bank drops" for balancing your daily cash deposit.

Drawer/Bank Drop/Transfer

Prompts for a drawer/banl drop of transfer.

System Status

Display the current status of your RPOWER system. Current Shift, Last Close, Last Credit Card Settlement, Site Information, etc.

Printer Routing

Displays the current printer routing for all of your devices. Also allows a manager to manually override or change the current printer routing to alernate or emergency routing configurations.

System Maintenance

The System Maitnenance section of RPOWER is designed to allow for simple system resets and database performance checks. These actions are usually performed under the supervision of trained RPOWER support personnel. Please contact your local support dealership before attempting specific actions within this section, unless you have been instructed to do so.

System Setup

RPOWER System configuration settings. Settings in this area are typically changed or configured by support personnel. Please seek assistance from your local dealership if you are not completely aware of the affects in changing these settings.

Customer List

Use the RPOWER Customer List to manage all of your current customers, house accounts, meal plan members, gift card balances and loyalty customers.

Re-open Drawer/Bank

Prompts a list of previously closed workstation cash drawers and server banks available to be re-opened.

Run Script

Run Scripts opens an input prompt for a file name of an RPOWER Script to be run. RPOWER Scripts range from simple menu item and customer database extracts to complex custom export models designed for specific customers. All RPOWER Scripts export system content in a CSV file format. More commone RPOWER scripts available to every RPOWER customer. MENUEXP, CUSEXP, GCBALD, GCBALT.....

Switch Modem

Switch Modem is rarely used in current RPOWER sites. Originally designed for dial-up credit card processing customers to have a single button switch within RPOWER to convert the locally connected modem from processing mode to support mode, allowing end-user customers an easy one touch solution for configuring a system to receive live remote support via phone line.

Reset Registration

Reset Registration forces RPOWER to look at the current system licensing and redistribute the licensing to match the current system configuration.

Miscellaneous Credit Card

Area for credit card sales & credits performed outside of the daily system sales figures.

Minimize RPOWER

Minimizes the RPOWER software application to the Windows task bar.

History Review

History Review prompts for a previous date in history, upon selection, RPOWER will reload the selected date such that it is available to run current reports, review or print individual checks from this days' transactions.

Training Mode

Training mode switches the local RPOWER system into a practice session. This enables any staff member to practice with the RPOWER system without affecting daily sales, local or remote printing.

RPOWER Close Day Reports

This is one of two optional buttons that can be programmed to for various use. This instance it opens the storage directory for the close day reports generated by RPOWER. Other uses could include launching external programs or opening a specific web page.

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