MPS, PPI and BridgePay System Configuration


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RPOWER Corporate will copy a CredCNX.ini file to the dealer's FTP folder. Look for it in the format:


Download and copy the file to:


and rename it to:


If the folder:


exists, delete or rename it.

Restart RPOWER on ALL workstations.

  • Tip: From Manager Functions, System Maintenance, touch Enter Site Code and OK to force RPOWER to restart ITSELF on all workstations.

Use test card ;40, ;54 or ;37 to test.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • In Manager Functions, System Setup, Credit Card Setup, the REQUEST dir and DATA dir fields MUST NOT be blank. It is recommended that the fields be populated with X:\911\MESSAGES and X:\911\DATA, respectively, where X is the shared drive letter. Double check that the shared drive referenced is correct (F: vs R: vs X:).
  • In Manager Functions, System Setup, Payment Methods, for all accepted credit cards, be sure that CC Type IS NOT set to None, but rather to the appropriate card type.
  • ALL workstations MUST have internet access and the ability to resolve DNS in order to process credit cards.
  • Browsers MUST NOT be configured to Work offline (File, Work offline).
  • In Windows Explorer, Tools, Folder Options..., View, be sure that Hide extensions for known file types IS NOT checked (otherwise credcnx.ini may actually be named credcnx.ini.txt!).
  • RPOWER must be stamped for IP Credit Cards.
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