Labor Scheduling Interface


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Thrid Party Companies wishing to interface must export labor schedule data to csm_employee_sched table

csm_employee_sched Schema
field type notes
aid bigint AI
cg int Store's CG
store_id varchar(20) view_store.serial_number
emp_id varchar(20) can be any of the following: view_employee.mid, view_employee_store.mid, view_employee.payroll_id, view_employee_store.id_num
job_id varchar(20) can be either of the following: view_job.mid, view_job.ext_id
in_dttm datetime Format is 2016-01-01 06:00:00
out_dttm datetime Format is 2016-01-01 06:00:00 (up to but not included Ex: 5:00 pm means up through 4:59:59 pm)
timestamp datetime

Table notes:

You don't need to worry about specifying values for the aid or the time_stamp fields. They will automatically fill when when a record is inserted

Store Setup

  1. Log in as a manager. Click System Setup. Click System Information.
  2. On the System Information screen, in the Time Clock section on the right hand side of the screen, set the Schedule Interface to 3.
  3. Tab to another field, and you should see the Folder field and File field become filled in. You should now see the Folde option set to DATACNX, and the File option set to RPSched.imp Click Save. Click Back.
  4. Click System Maintenance Click Sort/Fix Database Click Time Clock Click Begin Fixing When RPOWER warns that others should be off the system before you begin fixing, click OK (it doesn't matter if others are on the system for this fix). Click Back and click Done to exit Manager Functions.
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