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From the [Freepour] web site:

"Freepour Controls Inc. is a pioneering developer of beverage inventory monitoring systems, servicing the hospitality industry since 1987.

We offer a complete line of beverage management systems for liquor, wine, draught beer and packaged beverages. One stop shopping!

Our strategy?

Providing quick, simple, accurate solutions that are invisible to your guests, interface with your POS/Enterprise, and provide actionable metrics to maximize profits."

Freepour uses a combination of measurement and reporting to control liquor costs. Measurement is done through a scanner/scale, reporting is accomplished through a comma separated value (CSV) file created by RPOWER and formatted to the specifications of Freepour.

  • Note: There is no module charge for the Freepour extraction script, however RPOWER MUST be stamped for Freepour.


Order and Install Stamp

Complete an order form requesting the Freepour interface (found in the Inventory Tracking section on the Modules tab) and email it to

Copy and execute the stamp.

Specify PLU Numbers

RPOWER will only export those menu items that include a PLU. From Manager Functions, Menu Setup edit each item to be exported and include a PLU. Note that the PLU field accepts entry of up to fifteen alpha-numeric characters. The PLU entry need not be unique, but under normal circumstances would be.

Configure Close Day Trigger

RPOWER can automatically execute the Freepour extraction script during close day. Navigate to:


and edt the file: PRECLS.rpl (create if necessary) to include the line: FREEPOUR.rps

  • Note: The extraction script may be run manually from: Manager Functions, Run Script and entering FREEPOUR.

Locate Extraction File

The output csv file will be found in:


Note that RPOWER will APPEND output during each extraction.

Sample output is shown below:

 "224","Celtic Ale","4","4.75"
 "222","Bud Light","1","3.50"
 "124","Brick Red","1","4.50"
 "124","Brick Red","2","4.50"
 "126","Coors Lt Draft","2","2.75"
 "222","Bud Light","1","3.50"
 "229","Michelob Ultra","1","4.25"

Fields shown are PLU, Name, Qty, Price

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