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Ordering Hardware

POS Portal


(866) 940-4767

JR's POS Depot


  • RPOWER Dealer is responsible for distributing devices to merchants
  • JR's will only ship to partners in bulk
  • Readers must be affixed to the countertop for PCI compliance.

The Phoenix Group

  • Register as a buyer with The Phoenix Group if you do not have an account


  • Dealer is responsible for ordering the correct SKU
  • Readers must be affixed to the countertop for PCI compliance.


Navigate to the RPOWER Guest FTP and go to the following folder:

RPOWER Auxiliary Installation Files\EMV\
  • Download the entire folder (or ZIP file) for your processor/platform

Installing EMV Software


On the "server" computer (where you would normally install CreditLine), install the NETePay service


Typical Setup — Next — Next — Next — Install — Finish

REBOOT (You can skip rebooting if you're installing additional software)

DSI EMV Client / VX805 Driver

On each computer that will have an EMV reader attached, install the following two programs (Including the server IF EMV reader is attached)


Typical setup — Next — Next — Install — Finish

(You can skip rebooting if you're installing additional software)



  • This will call VX805-Setup.exe and install the VX805 on COM9.. Do not run VX805-Setup.exe youself, the batch file will install it

REBOOT (You can skip rebooting if you're installing additional software)

DSI Client



REBOOT (You can skip rebooting if you're installing additional software)

NETePAY Configuration

Open NETePAY on the "server" computer

It will prompt you to Obtain Serial Number or Cancel

Obtain Serial

  • Press Obtain Serial Number
  • Once it obtains a serial, another box will pop up that says Obtain Serial Number is Successful (xxxx.xx.xxxxxx)
  • Press OK

Another box will come up that says Configuration not Set! - Use Setup|Merchant Parameters

  • Press OK
  • Click on Setup then Merchant Parameters (or possibly Setup Information).
  • Click Load New Parameters

Another box will come up that says "Attempt Activation?"

  • Click Yes

Another box will come up with options for I have My Deployment ID and I Do NOT Have My Deployment ID

  • Click I Have My Deployment ID
  • Type in the Deployment ID and press OK

Verify the Merchant Information on the screen that pops up

  • Press Yes, This is the Correct Merchant if the information is correct
  • Add the NETePAY icon to the Startup menu for the user (or All Users)

RPOWER Configuration


  • Change HostIP=xxx:9000 where xxx is the name of the computer running NETePAY

Payment Type

Configure a new payment type called EMV Reader

EMV Payment Configuration
  • Name: EMV Reader
  • Type: Normal
  • CC type: EMV Reader
  • Offline Floor Limit: 0
  • FlashPay limit: 0

You can not run Offline or FlashPay with EMV devices

If tips are accepted:

  • Ask for tip first: Check if you want the system to prompt for a tip after card is inserted. (Typical QSR setting)
  • Print for tip & signature: Check
  • Put $ over on tip: Check

Initialize Reader

Each EMV Reader needs to be initialized before use. This process installs software specific to your platform on the EMV reader.


  • Press Manager
  • Press System Setup
  • Press Credit Card Setup
  • Press Initialize Device
  • NOTE: This button will not light up until all other setup is complete, including the credcnx file

After a couple minutes, RPOWER will prompt Init OK!

Init Device

Windows Firewall

You will need to open Port 9000 on the server where NETePAY is installed

EMV Transaction Instructions

v14016206 and Higher

New EMV Button
  • RPOWER now has an EMV button at the top right of the screen. At anytime during the transaction, you may hit this button to activate the EMV reader.
  • See below for Manual Entry

v14016205 and Lower

Payment Screen

Quick Service Mode

  • Ring up items
  • Press Other Payment/Receipt
  • Press EMV Reader
  • Follow instrucitons on the EMV Reader
  • Finish Transaction

Table Service Mode

  • Open the table
  • Press Review Order
  • Press Pay Check
  • Press EMV Reader
  • Follow instrucitons on the EMV Reader
  • Tip check out like normal after guest completes the slip

Manual Entry

EMV Manual Entry
  • Follow above instructions to get to the pay screen
  • Press Enter Card # The system will prompt "Use EMV Keypad?"
  • Press Yes
  • One of the prompts on the EMV Keypad will ask "Chip Card?" If it is a chip card, press the green button, if it is not a chip card, press the red button.

Swipe and Manual Entry Settings for EMV Stations

Starting with version 14020007, RPOWER is now sensitive to whether it will accept credit card swipes and manual card number entries when an EMV reader is installed. Note that dsiEMVUS being installed on a workstation causes

RPOWER to consider the EMV device being present, so that not having one plugged in will not bypass that requirement.

The following RPOWER.ini settings have been added:


Swipe with credit cards online. With dsiEMVUS installed, default is 0 for non-encrypted and 1 for encrypted. Forced offline adds one to the default.


Swipe with credit cards forced offline. Overrides default from CCEMVSwipeOK.


Manual entry with credit cards online. Default is CCEMVSwipeOK.


Manual entry with credit cards forced offline. Default is CCEMVOffSwipeOK.

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