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RPOWER includes the ability to export and import a customer database. This ability can be very valuable when migrating customers to RPOWER from another POS system, or when changing gift or loyalty providers.

To export the customer database, from Manager Functions touch Run Script, enter CUSEXP at the prompt and touch Enter.

A comma separated value file, RPCUS.CSV is created in the folder:


The file may then be opened and edited in Microsoft Excel.

Some additional fields that are not included in an export, but may be populated for import include:

FNAME (first name)

MNAME (middle name)

LNAME (last name)

XNAME (extra name)

  • Note: RPOWER looks for the presence of the header name XNAME, even if its fields are blank, as a trigger for the import of the other three name fields. In other words, in order to import first, middle, or last names, or any combination of them, the XNAME field must be present in the csv file.

RPOWER will "clean up" the supplied names to produce one, combined and formatted Name entry in the database.

Other additional fields include:

NOTES_PIN (notes, printed on guest check and kitchen dupes)

POPUP_PIN (pop up notes, displayed only, never printed)

DIRECT_PIN (directions, printed on guest check and kitchen dupes)

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