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911 CreditLine is middleware offered by RPOWER as an alternative to Mercury Payment Systems, PPI and BridgePay (TGate). Intended for the RPOWER dealer channel, this article provides installation details and troubleshooting tips.


Create Data File

  • Working with the credit card sales representative, electronically fill in the appropriate credit card setup sheet (found in the ftp site at: _Dealer ftp/Order Forms & CC Setup Sheets/911 Creditline Setup Forms) and email it, along with a completed order form, to office.manager@rpower.com.

RPOWER will configure a data file in self-extracting zip format and copy it to the dealer's ftp folder. The file will be in the format SiteName-SiteSerialNo-IP911-ProcessorName.exe. Download the file to the shared drive.

Go to http://rpower.com/updates and download the latest CreditLine installer to the shared drive.

Install CreditLine

Navigate to the shared drive and execute the CreditLine installer by double clicking it.

At the Welcome to the CreditLine Installer prompt click Setup

At the Destination Folder prompt, ensure that the proposed destination is correct, i.e. that the drive letter reflects RPOWER's shared drive (it is almost always correct) and click Next.

At the Ready to Install prompt, click Install.

At the Finished prompt, accept the proposed offer to put a CreditLine Manager icon on the desktop (optionally select Run CreditLine Manager now as well) and click Finish.

Install Data File

Still in the shared drive, extract the data file e.g.: SiteName-SiteSerialNo-IP911-ProcessorName.exe by double clicking it.

At the Press setup to select... prompt, click Setup.

At the CreditLine Selection prompt, ensure that the proposed destination is correct, i.e. that the drive letter reflects RPOWER's shared drive (it is almost always correct) and click Install.

At the Finished prompt, click Finish.

Configure Workstation Ini

Note: CreditLine operates in two parts. Creditline Server (CCVSVR32.exe) serves as the engine of the system, receiving credit card operation requests from RPOWER, processing them, and passing the results back to RPOWER. CreditLine Server runs on one workstation only, typically, but not necessarily, the file server. CreditLine Manager (CCVMGR.exe) provides for the maintenance of business, connection, authorization and settlement parameters. It also allows for the maintenance of the current credit card batch and the viewing of previous batches and log files. Both files are found in:


Where X represents the shared drive letter.

These are the only .exe files that are ever directly executed by the operator. In fact, CreditLine Server is always launched by RPOWER itself (see below) it should never be necessary, under normal operations, for the operator to execute it directly. CreditLine Manager may be executed directly by the operator, but a shortcut to it is normally placed on the desktop by the installer.

Now navigate to:


(where X represents the shared drive letter)

and open the workstation .ini file (_WorkstationName.ini) corresponding to the workstation that will be running CreditLine Server, typically the file server.

Note: One and only one workstation will run Creditline Server.

Anywhere in the [Setup] section of the workstation ini, add the line:

 CreditLine=1  (this entry is not case sensitive)

This entry will cause the workstation to launch CreditLine Server whenever it starts RPOWER

Restart RPOWER

Save the file and restart RPOWER on the CreditLine Server workstation.

Configure RPOWER

From Manager Functions, System Setup, Credit Card Setup, ensure that the REQUEST dir and the DATA dir reflect the correct path, including drive letter, to X:911\MESSSAGES and X:\911\DATA respectively. While here, review manager and tip control options for correct setup.

Now navigate to Manager Functions, Miscellaneous Credit Card, Sale and test the system, using any Check number and any Clerk ID number. Built in test cards include ;40 (Visa), ;54 (Master Card) and ;37 (American Express).

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Double check that the correct drive is letter is reflected in Manager Functions, System Setup, Credit Card Setup, and that the REQUEST dir and DATA dir fields are correct.
  • In Manager Functions, System Setup, Payment Methods, for all accepted credit cards, be sure that CC Type IS NOT set to None, but rather to the appropriate card type.
  • The worksation running CreditLine Server MUST have internet access and the ability to resolve DNS.
  • The internet browser on the workstation running CreditLine Server MUST NOT be configured to Work offline (File, Work offline).
  • RPOWER MUST be stamped for IP Credit Cards.
  • If changing to CreditLine from Mercury Payment Systems, PPI or BridgePay (TGate), be sure that Credcnx.ini has been renamed or deleted. After doing so, RPOWER MUST be restarted on all workstations.
  • 911 CreditLine maintains a Knowledge Base at http://payment-processing-software.com
  • 911 CreditLine maintains a Processor Support Contact List at: http://911software.com/credit_card_processing_software/index.php?title=Processor_Support_Contact_List
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