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Customer Initiated Payments

RPOWER POS is proud of our commitment to merchant and customer satisfaction. By continuously searching for new partners and methods to utilize today's information technology, we are able to offer the latest in innovative services for RPOWER customers and their patrons.
RPOWER installations now have the option of offering customers the ability to pay their guest checks using their own smart phones. Once enrolled in Xpress-pay, the merchants’ guest checks will now print QR codes below the standard check amount. When scanned, the consumer is taken to the secure Xpress-pay mobile website where they will see a summary of their check information. Guests will be prompted with gratuity options allowing the default percentage of 18% to be adjusted or a personalized gratuity amount to be entered. Guests will then be prompted to enter their name, address, and credit card information to complete their payment.

Once submitted, the transaction is processed and finalized with the POS and existing merchant account. A receipt of the transaction will appear on both the users’ smart phone and also sent via email to the guest for recordkeeping. Guests are also given the option of saving their account details to streamline future transactions by simply setting up password to secure their sensitive information.

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