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Workstations and Peripherals

Below are the most prominent hardware peripheral types for today's RPOWER POS System users. In many cases, there are multiple hardware manufacturers available. Inquire with your local RPOWER Certified Dealership as to the benefits and features of each unique brand.
The J2 Series Workstations provide outstanding performance with hardware reliability
The WebDT 430 by DT Research offers mobility for table-side ordering
The Touch Dynamics Breeze series offer rock-solid durability and performance

peripherals_receipt peripherals_dotm_inkjet peripherals_oversize_print peripherals_caller_id
Thermal Receipt/ Guest Check Printers with support for logo and barcode printing
Dot-Matrix Impact/ Inkjet Remote Printers
Thermal Label Printers for pizza boxes, bag lunches, take-out orders
Two, Four & Eight Line Caller ID units for phone-in orders & customer recognition

peripherals_next peripherals_DVR peripherals_drawers peripherals_barcode
Increase employee access security with integrated Fingerprint Readers
RPOWER displays key operations with smart text insertion to your DVR system
RPOWER supports up to eight Cashier/ Bar Drawers per workstation
1D & 2D Bar Code Scanners for item & ID scanning or guest check retrieval

peripherals_pole peripherals_LGD peripherals_KVS peripherals_scale
Integrated customer displays or LCD display with RPOWER's Polebug
RPOWER can intgerate your Liquor Gun Dispensers and Control Systems
RPOWER's own KVS can be Bump Bar or Touch-Screen controlled
Digital Scales/ Weighing Devices imput weight directly into RPOWER

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