RPower online-ordering
  • Integrate RPOWER with third party systems to stay in touch and reach new customers
  • Easily export a menu offering from existing POS menu data
  • Orders from external systems appear in RPOWER POS automatically
  • Customize online menus and pricing from within RPOWER

RPOWER's Online Ordering Module

Dining Made Simple Imagine the lunch hour bell rings and off you are to hit the local bistro. Co-workers are pacing at the entrance eager to take their seats and place an order, but not you. Before heading out you took a few moments to peruse the menu and place your order directly with the kitchen. You also thought it best to pay your tab before you arrived to keep more of your valued lunch hour to yourself. How was this possible?

Well, your local bistro has just added the RPOWER Online Ordering Interface to its POS system. Now, before you head out to your favorite spot, not only can you look at their menu online, but you can also place your order and pay for it as well. The convenience and accuracy of ordering ahead has never been this simple.

RPOWER Working For You Now, imagine that you are a local restaurant owner anticipating your fast-paced lunch rush to begin. Before it does, Chef is going full-steam preparing orders at a frantic pace. The phones are silent, and with only a handful of early eaters in, you are curious. The answer, your RPOWER POS system is processing all of your online orders seamlessly and in real time directly to your kitchen. Guests begin to arrive and pick up their orders, paid in advance, dramatically reducing valuable table time.

The RPOWER Online Ordering Interface adds a powerful, convenient, and time saving tool not only for customers but for restaurants as well. It is a must for restaurants looking to increase customer service and add instant convenience for their fast-paced guests. RPOWER has created the only non-proprietary, public-domain XML Internet On-Line Ordering interface specification for Web sites. Check one of RPOWER's Online Ordering Partners at www.GrubHub.com, www.TakeOutTech.com, www.WhatIsMavn.com, www.MenuDrive.com, and www.SeamlessWeb.com for information on how you could quickly and inexpensively create a site for your establishment.

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