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RPOWER's Loyalty and Gift Card Programs

The RPOWER Loyalty and Gift Card programs associate an electronic ID (swipe card, bar code, account number, credit card, phone number, or email) with an account stored in a central database and accessed over the Internet. Each account maintains two separate balances: a cash balance and accrued point balance. The combination and use of these two balances defines the particuar type of customer relationship program.
Loyalty and Gift Card Options
Loyalty/Frequent Diner Program The restaurant assigns a point value for each dollar spent in its establishment. Customers accrue reward points over time with their purchases. These points have an assigned dollar value that can be used as discounts or payments on future visits. Both accumulation and redemtion values can vary according to day of week and time of day.

Gift Card Program A customer can purchase a gift card at one location, increase its balance at another location, and make purchases at all locations. The RPOWER multi-store gift card system can periodically reconcile inter-store balance transfers.

VIP/Discount Card Program A VIP/Discount Program typically associates an automatic, pre-selected discount on specified items for program members. A restaurant may either sell these cards or simply give them to their preferred customers. RPOWER, in turn, tracks how these discounts are used for each VIP/Discount Card member.

Promo Card/Coupon A Promo Card gives the customer either a full or partial percentage discount, up to a limit, and is deactivated upon use. A restaurant would typically distribute these cards to potential customers. A Promo Coupon is a Promo Card number printed on a label for mailing, or included in an email, along with a four-digit security code to prevent unauthorized use.

Debit/Prepay Card The Debit/Prepay Program is designed to be used in corporate, school, and hospital cafeterias, coffee shops, and other establishments that have a high volume of repeat customers. Customers first pre-purchase desired amounts on their cards. When additional money is needed from a customer during a transaction, RPOWER can automatically apply change due back to the card. RPOWER provides additional support for cafeterias with the use of meal plan subsidies and discounts.

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