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  • RPOWER is built to handle business. Here are some of the ways we can meet your individual Point of Sale needs.
Features and Integrations
For the last 20 years, RPOWER has engaged users for feedback and responded to customer requests. Not only has our dedication been repaid with a solid base of satisfied and loyal users, but the resulting POS software is full of options and features which simplify business processes across the spectrum of food and beverage establishments. Check out the following list of some popular RPOWER POS features.
The RPOWER Graphical Table Module provides a comprehensive look at the current status of tables in your establishment. Shortcut keys and color coding enable your staff to operate the POS with additional efficeincy.
RPOWER programs associate a Swipe Card, Bar Code, Account/Phone Number, or Email address with an internal account. RPOWER maintains a cash balance and an accrued point balance for each account. Customizable POS software options allow your location to cater a program to fit your customers.
RPOWER keeps you in control of your employees with a fully integrated, POS Time Clock Module. Tip tracking, Employee Breaks and Labor Reporting provide the tools to manage your labor effectively. Restrict employee clock-in/out times and share employee sales data with one of our Labor Scheduling software partners.
Go Paperless! RPOWER's Kitchen Video Display Software requires no thrid party integration or additional POS workstations. KDS runs as a secondary display from your already existing point-of-sale workstation.
Each inbound call is available within the software, so phone orders can be initiated by confirming the caller's account or creating a new one. Customer order history data can be stored for simple one-touch re-ordering, making recurring orders a snap.
The RPOWER Online Ordering Interface adds a powerful, convenient, and time-saving tool for customers and restaurants alike. Restaurateurs looking to increase customer service and convenience for their fast paced guests can leverage existing menu data or create exclusive internet specials with this unique, POS interface.
A variety of software accounting packages are available to businesses. RPOWER has created custom extracts for several systems: ACCPAC, Microsoft Great Plains, MAS 90, and QuickBooks. See our dedicated web section for our QuickBooks software interface.
Utilize RPOWER's own internal Inventory Module or choose to have RPOWER extract and post all of your POS product sales data to a variety of thrid party inventory software and systems including: ChefTec, FoodTrak, When To Manage, Compeat, Freepour, Scannabar, Bevinco and many more.
While RPOWER can operate on any Windows based workstation, these hardware partners have been recognized for their commitment to durability and reliability in the field. RPOWER offers special software discounts to any site installing our POS software on any of these systems.
Utilize RPOWER's POS to Hotel/PMS Interface for posting billing to guest rooms and folio accounts. This RPOWER interface is available for most Property Management Systems including: Micros/Fidelio, Encore, Lodging Link, System 21, AutoClerk and others.
Speed up your POS order entry time and maximize table turns with RPOWER's Mobile POS Workstations. Capitalize on the same, trusted RPOWER Point of Sale functionality, now with the freedom of hand held connectivity and the benefit of secure table-side credit card payments and receipt printing.
With over 17 years of software maturity, your RPOWER POS System can integrate with a wide variety of hardware peripherals; from the industry standard impact, thermal and label printers to DVR camera integrations and automated coin dispensers.
Data Access and Reporting
Take advantage of RPOWER's information technology and wide array of POS system integrations. Minimize management time and expand the use of your POS data with the myriad of available RPOWER data integrations.
Transmit your RPOWER Time-Clock data directly from your POS to your local Payroll provider. RPOWER has an established Payroll Extraction interface with over thirty various providers' software including: ADP, Paychex, CompuPay, and many more.
Monitor all of your establishment's POS activity in real-time with RPOWER's web-based Dashboard. Secure access from any web-enabled device. Keep management in touch even while they're away.
RPOWER POS interfaces with most merchant processing partners directly or via third party processing gateways. We work closely with our Certified Processing Partners to provide the lastest card processing features at the industry's most competitive rates.
Provide the latest in payment options for your customers. Customer initiated payments allow customers to scan QR Codes on receipts and pay checks with their smart phones. Payments are seamlessly integrated into the POS system providing benefit to the customer and reducing server workload.
We continually update our software application to adhere to the strictest security standards available from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. Protecting cardholder data through safe data handling practices has been a RPOWER number one, top priority for almost two decades.
RPOWER's SQL Reporting Engine makes it possible for single and multi-location groups to securely collect and warehouse store-level sales, labor, customer, and inventory POS data to a centralized SQL Server for cloud based access.
RPOWER POS automatically transmits all of your accounting, customer billing and employee time clock data directly into your QuickBooks company data file. RPOWER interfaces seamlessly with both the QuickBooks Desktop software and QuickBooks Online software versions.
Far beyond displaying site-specific customizable screens, RPOWER Digital Menu Boards receive instant item description and price changes from your RPOWER POS System.
Use RPOWER's own secure Web Reports Package to host and view over 70 various point of sale reports including multi-store consolidated Product Mix, Hourly Sales, Overtime, and Discount Monitoring.

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