RPower data-services
  • Collect and warehouse POS data for current and historic performance analysis
  • Utilze sales, labor, customer, and inventory data for an entire store chain from one central database
  • Provide secure access to RPOWER's SQL Server engine for 3rd Party Management Solutions
  • Gain access to RPOWER's Reports Package and the RPOWER Dashboard

RPOWER Data Services

Your RPOWER POS System is the data nerve center for your business and many groups take advantage of RPOWER's array of hosted data applications: Key third party software solutions are potentially provided with your RPOWER POS System data: In alternative cases many larger RPOWER POS System clients utilize propietary data applications for internal data warehousing, accounting, reporting, customer management, or employee payroll services. RPOWER Corporate offices have the capability to continuously collect live data feeds from each site and in turn provide a unique singular data stream to corporate groups to populate their own business intelligence database. Inquire with your local RPOWER Dealership or RPOWER Corporate directly to inquire about how we can fulfill your company's data needs.
Integrated Web Management Solutions
PeachWorks offers powerful, web-based business analytics and real-time management solutions for restaurants. Our products featured below will help you improve employee scheduling and communication, inventory management, supply-chain control and present you with insightful data from your POS system. These products are the premier choice for restaurateurs planning for growth.

RPOWER provides data integrations with additional third party restaurant management solution companies, inquire with your local RPOWER Dealership for more information.

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